The New House

We moved in our new house last Sunday!
The only rooms that were liveable were Katie and Jesse's. 

Everything is still a little bit of a disaster. 

I just found my silverware today, so things are looking up!

We keep having dry cereal for breakfast and maybe donuts once or twice!

Our families have been SO helpful! Everything from babysitting to painting.
Katie and her Aunt Pam painting in the dining room.

Here's a peek at Katie's room:

Thankfully she loves it and has slept great in there!

 And we have a playroom!
I thought "Joy" was perfect for the playroom. Hobby Lobby has lots of things 80% off to get ready for Christmas stuff (YAHOO!!) So the O and the Y were super cheap. Then I waited for the J to be half off. And I already had the frame. I'm pretty sure that came from HL too a zillion years ago.

Speaking of JOY, one of my BFF's, Courtney, is moving into my new neighborhood in about 3 weeks! We found out about a house that was going to be for sale, so we peer pressured them into buying it! Yay! We will be able to walk to each other's houses.
 Dream come true!
 She has the twins, Charis and Drew, that are Katie's age. I've mentioned them a time or a billion before. 

We are so excited!

I had to take this picture of our cars when she came to visit the other day. Both of our mirrors are hanging on by a thread...or tape! We might both be crazy drivers. I didn't have enough room when I backed out of the garage. I can't remember how Courtney messed hers up. I'm sure it was funny though!
The neighbors better watch out!

Katie starts kindergarten in 3 weeks! And then Jesse will start Mother's Day out the week after that. Then I might have some time to get my house set up! I am used to having everything done within days of moving, but I have never moved with kids before. They are cramping my style a little bit! 


Angie said...

So cool that your friend and her family will live so close. I can't wait to see more of your fabulous decorating in your new house!

Twinkle Terrior said...

Thought of yall this week..............Dunkin Donuts one morning and Krispy Kreme today. ARGH Collecting calories before holidays is not good LOL

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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