Fun Times and A Tooth

 Katie Belle has one less tooth tonight!

I'm thankful for Amazon Prime, because her tooth fairy pillow came just in time today.

It's been loose for a couple of weeks. She pulled it tonight at dinner!
It was pretty exciting and I was relieved I didn't have to do it! 
 Before dinner we went to the Homecoming parade.

Katie Belle and Charis:

Charis and her family are our neighbors now and it's a dream come true! Courtney and I are still trying to get our houses set up. So right now we are busy with that, but we can't wait to play more!

Jesse loved the parade too! 

With Katie in kindergarten, we feel like we never see her! So we try to stick together and do something fun on the weekends. 

Saturday it was the air show and Cabellas!
 This girl is all about princesses and unicorns, but she loves camping and the outdoors too!

Marcus trapped Jesse in this potty! I need one at home. Not for going potty, but for trapping!

We went to lunch at Slim Chickens. It was SO good!
It was my first time to have chicken and waffles, but it won't be my last!

 Jesse was worn out!

KB wanted a pic too! 

The new house is going slow, but steady.
I painted stripes in the dining room!
Both kids are in school tomorrow, so I'm hoping to accomplish more. Right now a cold or allergies has landed on my face and it's slowing me down!

And I'm still blogging from my phone. We need a new laptop! Any suggestions? I don't need it to do anything fancy, but I want lots of storage for pictures. 

I'm anticipating an early morning! 
Katie will be checking to see if the tooth fairy came. 
She did!
she was a nervous wreck! 

I would make a terrible burglar!



 Today we are remembering September 11th 2001. It's still unbelievable!

We especially remember the 343 firefighters that lost their lives to save others.

Katie's necklace says "firefighter's girl". 
She kept trying to get her face in the frame as I took the picture!
We love our fireman!

We have lunch with Katie Belle on Fridays. Today Marcus's sister, Pam joined us. Along with my cutie nieces, Jennifer and Melissa.

This girl is blessed with a family that loves her!
Last week my mom came:

 And little brother is always there to keep us on our toes!

God bless America!


Jesse's Room

 Now that Jesse is in school twice a week, I'm able to work on our new house a little more.

We are SO ready to be settled.

His room is DONE!

 He loves it and really appreciates all our hard work...I'm pretty sure.

 This boy is a sweet mess!

So I will continue to get my projects done two minutes at a time, until next Tuesday, when I have 5 glorious hours to work!

Have any of you put your pumpkins out yet?


40 and School Kids

Marcus is 40 today!
So for 6 months we are the same age and I'm not a cougar.
 He likes his birthday cakes homemade.
Can you tell these are homemade?!

Katie Belle was in sprinkle heaven!

Today Jesse had his first day of school!
So Marcus and I went to the movies to see War Room. And to lunch. 
 You can't tell by the picture, but Jesse had a great day!

KB is doing so wonderful in kindergarten. We are super relieved and thankful. Today was college t-shirt day, so she supported my red raiders. 

When I took Jesse's picture outside a frog jumped on the porch.
 He was not a fan!

 So now that both kids are in school MAYBE I can get my house unpacked and decorated! Jesse is there just 2, 5 hour days, but it will help a bunch. As you can tell from the top picture things aren't cute yet. 

I'm supposed to have a family party for Marcus here on Sunday, but we are not even close to being ready to host any kind of anything! 

Unless someone from HGTV wants to show up! I'll host them for sure!