40 and School Kids

Marcus is 40 today!
So for 6 months we are the same age and I'm not a cougar.
 He likes his birthday cakes homemade.
Can you tell these are homemade?!

Katie Belle was in sprinkle heaven!

Today Jesse had his first day of school!
So Marcus and I went to the movies to see War Room. And to lunch. 
 You can't tell by the picture, but Jesse had a great day!

KB is doing so wonderful in kindergarten. We are super relieved and thankful. Today was college t-shirt day, so she supported my red raiders. 

When I took Jesse's picture outside a frog jumped on the porch.
 He was not a fan!

 So now that both kids are in school MAYBE I can get my house unpacked and decorated! Jesse is there just 2, 5 hour days, but it will help a bunch. As you can tell from the top picture things aren't cute yet. 

I'm supposed to have a family party for Marcus here on Sunday, but we are not even close to being ready to host any kind of anything! 

Unless someone from HGTV wants to show up! I'll host them for sure!

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