Today we are remembering September 11th 2001. It's still unbelievable!

We especially remember the 343 firefighters that lost their lives to save others.

Katie's necklace says "firefighter's girl". 
She kept trying to get her face in the frame as I took the picture!
We love our fireman!

We have lunch with Katie Belle on Fridays. Today Marcus's sister, Pam joined us. Along with my cutie nieces, Jennifer and Melissa.

This girl is blessed with a family that loves her!
Last week my mom came:

 And little brother is always there to keep us on our toes!

God bless America!


Anne said...

Can you share where you found "Firefighter's Girl" necklace. Need two for my grand girls....

Dina said...

Hey Anne! I found it at The Dallas World Trade Center a couple of years ago. Maybe try etsy? Or Google it? I hope you find some!