A Work In Progress

Holy hotness! It was 95 degrees today which should be illegal for October!

Thankfully we were in Santa Fe for a few days for my cousin's wedding. It was a lot cooler.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. I'm so thrilled for Stacey. She was widowed 7 years ago while pregnant with her third child. (He's to her right) I'm happy she found love again!

We had a great time and Katie tore up the dance floor. At one point her shoe went flying in the air. Now that's serious dancing!

Ok, I promised house pics. Not one room is really completed yet. The slowness of this house remodel is driving me naners!

 This is in my living room. I got the shutters and sconces put up today. 

Do things have to be perfect and complete for you to want to see it? If so, close your eyes!

Here's my kitchen about 30 minutes ago. I didn't even clean off the counters for you!

This is what it looked like before we moved in:
We painted the walls, cabinets and ceiling. Got new counters and a farmhouse sink. And we put wood floors almost everywhere. 

Now we need to pick a back splash. Any suggestions? I'm thinking either subway tile or old tin tiles.

Here's my entry way. That shelf was the mantle over the fireplace. It fits perfectly by the door.  My switch plate isn't even screwed in yet! It's just dangling there. 

Speaking of the switch plate...who ever put it so far over to the left, needs to be kicked in the shins! I came up with a mirror collage to help the unfortunate situation. 

I just got this lamp at walmart for $10. I painted and distressed the base. 

 I feel like we are in the home stretch with a lot of our projects. Christmas is going up in 4 weeks, so we need to wrap this thing up! 

I'm most excited about a pallet wall we are doing behind our TV in the living room. I can't wait to see it!
 I need Marcus to retire from firemaning and be my full time construction worker. As it turns out, we can't really afford to do that at the moment. 
So, I'm growing my patience instead. 


Still Here

 We are still alive and well! I hate that I haven't been good about updating my blog!

I love this community of people. It reminds me of the fun days of living in the dorm. You can always get good advice and support. I wish we could borrow each others clothes too!!

Yesterday Marcus was at the fire station, so the kids and I went to church. Then we went to lunch with Courtney's family. 
Charis is so sweet to Jesse. Katie was getting a little jealous. She said she was afraid Jesse would think Charis was his new big sister! Oh brother!

Saturday Katie Belle did a dance clinic with the high school drill team. I was so proud of her for going by herself and having a great time. 
We got to watch her perform and Marcus giggled the whole time! She's an awesome free spirit kind of dancer, but I think routines cramp her style a little bit!

She's still loving kindergarten! We have lunch with her on Fridays. The weather was great, so we had a picnic.

Jesse turned 1 1/2 on the 3rd!
He loves bananas. He had to eat one right after we checked out. And yes, he's in his jammies! (and they don't match)

 He is such a sweet happy boy!
We adore him. Katie is his number one fan, but she really wants him to stay a baby.

He is into everything! The other day I caught him dipping his comb in the toilet, then putting it in his hair. Ugh!

Our kitchen counters and sink finally got installed! I will share pictures this week. Still a work in progress...