Still Here

 We are still alive and well! I hate that I haven't been good about updating my blog!

I love this community of people. It reminds me of the fun days of living in the dorm. You can always get good advice and support. I wish we could borrow each others clothes too!!

Yesterday Marcus was at the fire station, so the kids and I went to church. Then we went to lunch with Courtney's family. 
Charis is so sweet to Jesse. Katie was getting a little jealous. She said she was afraid Jesse would think Charis was his new big sister! Oh brother!

Saturday Katie Belle did a dance clinic with the high school drill team. I was so proud of her for going by herself and having a great time. 
We got to watch her perform and Marcus giggled the whole time! She's an awesome free spirit kind of dancer, but I think routines cramp her style a little bit!

She's still loving kindergarten! We have lunch with her on Fridays. The weather was great, so we had a picnic.

Jesse turned 1 1/2 on the 3rd!
He loves bananas. He had to eat one right after we checked out. And yes, he's in his jammies! (and they don't match)

 He is such a sweet happy boy!
We adore him. Katie is his number one fan, but she really wants him to stay a baby.

He is into everything! The other day I caught him dipping his comb in the toilet, then putting it in his hair. Ugh!

Our kitchen counters and sink finally got installed! I will share pictures this week. Still a work in progress...


Stacey said...

So ready to see that new house!! I'm sure it's absolutely beautiful:)

Angie said...

Can't wait to see what all you have done in the house! I need inspiration so come on and show us the fabulousness!

The Hoelscher Five said...

Can NOT wait to see the kitchen!