Goodbye Gallbladder!

So this is where I say, 
I miss my blog, I'm gonna do better, I need to get a laptop and it's a pain to blog from my phone!

Blah, blah, blah

I have one extra excuse. I got sick in March and had a fever for 2 weeks. We thought it was the flu at first, but it lasted too long. I was miserable. 

I went to the ER on Good Friday. I had gallstones, but none of the symptoms (besides a fever)

So I had surgery on Saturday HOPING it was the issue.

These are my babies visiting me on Easter:
Since I was sick for awhile, there were no new Easter outfits this year. I DID make a quick run to the store, before the hospital, so I could fill their baskets. 

My family swooped in and took care of our kids. I didn't have to worry about them at all. 

My fever continued another couple of days, but it finally broke. And it hasn't come back.
 Thank you Jesus!
So it was the gallbladder's fault!

I couldn't lift over 10 lbs for 3 weeks! Jesse is triple that. Marcus took time off work and did EVERYTHING! When he went back, my mom took over. (I have an organized pantry now) And Courtney even came over one morning, in her pink robe, to lift Jesse out of his crib. 

I'm so grateful for my people!

So, now I'm back to normal, if you can call me that? I'm making up for lost time and doing lots of projects.

I just decoupaged this dresser yesterday:

And look! I have a pink dining room again! This is my third pink dining room. 

While I abandoned my blog, Jesse turned 2 and Katie Belle lost all her teeth!! 

I'm on Instagram @dinaleighw

THAT I can keep up with!