Jesse Bryant turned 2 on April 3rd!

Here he is with his football and some Minnie Mouse shoes!

His first word was ball and he almost always has one in his hand. 

Honestly, I really enjoyed having KB as an only child. She was almost 4 when Jesse was born and life was pretty easy! It was kind of hard to start over again with a new baby! Especially at 39.

Hard, BUT

These two were meant to be together!

And Jesse is THE SWEETEST thing. So cuddly and happy. He spreads lots of joy wherever he goes!

Katie Belle is trying to show him how to do "two" with his fingers.

We had a family party on Jesse's birthday after church. He fell asleep before his guests arrived.

Cousin Melissa made a cake and cupcakes. 

Most all his gifts were ball related. 

My parents:

Marcus's parents:

Marcus's sister's fam:

And his brother's fam:

My sister's fam:

And us!
I love my family of 4! God knew we needed this boy!

We found him sneaking cake after the party!

A few things I want to remember about 2 year old Jesse:

He calls strawberries, straw babies.
Pajamas are jamamas.
When I'm ordering tea at a drive through, he rolls down his window and yells "FRENCH FRIES!" 
He always calls for Katie Belle to play. "Katie Belle, come!" Or he calls her Kiki. 
No matter what I tell him to do, he says "Okay!" in the sweetest voice. He doesn't always do it, but at least he sounds sweet. 

He's a joy and a blessing and I'm proud to be his mom!


Twinkle Terrior said...

im blog-catching-up! happy belated b-day to the sweet little fellah :)

Mackenzie Turrill said...

Handsome sweet boy! Been following your blog for so long :) I remember when you were expecting KATIE! So happy for your sweet family!

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