Master Bedroom in House #6

This is my room. 
I share it with my hubby of 16 years.
The bed doesn't get made everyday. 
And you can usually find a pile of laundry on it. 

We don't have "sides" of the bed. Marcus sleeps by the alarm clock on the nights before he works. That's usually on the left, but I hid it for the picture, because it's not pretty. 

 He's a fireman, so he works every third day.  So one day I'm on the right, the next on the left, then on the night he's at the fire station, I get the bed to myself! So I'm usually sideways or in the middle!
We keep comforters in that white cabinet. The comforter you see gets folded down to the end of the bed. And we each get our OWN comfy comforter. That we don't have to share! 
It's our tip for a successful marriage

There's something about someone stealing your covers in the middle of the night that brings out the evil in you.
 Or is it just me?

This old drawer holds my Bible and other books I'm reading. I'm not a big reader, but I want to be! I have about 5 books that I've started. I would love someone to read them and then give me the oral report. I can pay attention easier that way!

This frame has been empty for way too long. I need to find a cute picture of us to put in there. Or maybe just take a new one!
Our bed was a wedding gift from my in laws. I still love it! I think it's the only unpainted wood furniture in our house.
Thanks for coming over and giving me a reason to fold my laundry and make my bed!

My wall color is Mindful Gray
my bedding is from Amazon, but I originally saw it at Stein Mart
My dresser color is Lime Ricky
Throw pillows are from Hobby Lobby
Windows, mirrors, and wings are from Golightly's
Curtains are from Target
Matchstick blinds are from Lowe's

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Where We Dine in House #6

Our Pink Flamingo Dining room.

Our dining room gets used quite a bit. Our whole family lives close by and occasionally we let them eat w us!

 The dining room and living room are open to each other. It's great if you want to watch Bubble Guppies while you eat!

I had to plop Jesse in front of the tv so I could snap a few pics. Good moms use the tv as a babysitter. I don't care what the "experts" say! 

My fake cake disappoints a lot of people that think I made it for their visit. 

I have Katie Belle's art work hung on a shutter by the door. 

My walls are actually striped. Both stripes are pink flamingo, but one is gloss and one is satin. 

My kids stand in the window waiting for people to come over. Tonight Marcus was mowing so Jesse kept knocking on the window. "Daddy! Daddy!"

This is how I originally painted the dining room. I loved it, but my eyeballs needed more color! 

Thanks for coming over! 
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Our Living Room in House #6


My name is Dina and I'm a coloroholic. 
We have lived here almost a year now!
And I feel like we have been working on our house the entire year.

Katie Belle (5) has turned into quite the artist in kindergarten.
 I love having her art work up on the walls, along with some other stuff brought to you by Hobby Lobby and garage sales!

My curtains are table cloths!
 I added a little ball fringe on the side to make them less tableclothy.

The turquoise shutters are from house #4. They came out of the little potty area in our master bathroom. It was saloon like. They have been painted numerous times, so they are sanitary by now.

Oh the recliner
I'm not a fan, but it is the most practical piece of furniture we have. It's kind of like Walmart: I hate your guts, but I need you just about everyday! 
Marcus and the kids cuddle on that thing all the time. Lots of milk and snacks have been consumed on that recliner. You can just wipe that thing off and pretend like the crumbs and spills never happened!
My dad made the trunk when he was in Vietnam. He had to have something to send his things home in. It became a toy box for my sister and me. I love having it. It will probably get painted soon. 
If you sit still long enough in my house, you might get painted too! 

I love my wood wall! 
It's just old fence from our back yard. 

This is the old tv space when were looking at the house:

I was watching Flip or Flop while I was cleaning my living room . 
It wasn't  picture ready! 
And I wanted to see what happened, so I didn't want to turn off the tv while I took pictures. 

Guess what?!
They sold the house and made a profit!
I didn't see it coming.

Marcus put the boards up first, then I painted them. I couldn't plan out all the colors and sizes ahead of time. My brain doesn't work that way. I have to see it.

My other favorite thing is the ceiling color.
 It's Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore. I stole it from my friend Anna. It makes the space feel bright and airy. Or maybe it's the rainbow that barfed all over my room? 

My walls are Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams. I never thought I would be a beige painter.

If I get a chunk of money on my front porch, I'm going to get a cute ceiling fan. Is there such a thing? It keeps getting put on the back burner, because we have to buy things like diapers and food. 

B O R I N G!

Thanks for coming over! 

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