Master Bedroom in House #6

This is my room. 
I share it with my hubby of 16 years.
The bed doesn't get made everyday. 
And you can usually find a pile of laundry on it. 

We don't have "sides" of the bed. Marcus sleeps by the alarm clock on the nights before he works. That's usually on the left, but I hid it for the picture, because it's not pretty. 

 He's a fireman, so he works every third day.  So one day I'm on the right, the next on the left, then on the night he's at the fire station, I get the bed to myself! So I'm usually sideways or in the middle!
We keep comforters in that white cabinet. The comforter you see gets folded down to the end of the bed. And we each get our OWN comfy comforter. That we don't have to share! 
It's our tip for a successful marriage

There's something about someone stealing your covers in the middle of the night that brings out the evil in you.
 Or is it just me?

This old drawer holds my Bible and other books I'm reading. I'm not a big reader, but I want to be! I have about 5 books that I've started. I would love someone to read them and then give me the oral report. I can pay attention easier that way!

This frame has been empty for way too long. I need to find a cute picture of us to put in there. Or maybe just take a new one!
Our bed was a wedding gift from my in laws. I still love it! I think it's the only unpainted wood furniture in our house.
Thanks for coming over and giving me a reason to fold my laundry and make my bed!

My wall color is Mindful Gray
my bedding is from Amazon, but I originally saw it at Stein Mart
My dresser color is Lime Ricky
Throw pillows are from Hobby Lobby
Windows, mirrors, and wings are from Golightly's
Curtains are from Target
Matchstick blinds are from Lowe's

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Our Life at 31-derful! said...

I love your room, particularly those big wooden angel wings!!!! It is hard to imagine not having a side of the bed. My husband staked his claim on our wedding night and has had the same side through 3 moves!!!!

Debbie said...

Hi I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner. I love your metal piece over your bed. It is so pretty! My husband sleeps on the right side and I sleep on the left. There is no switching around.

Unknown said...

Master bedroom is often the room with the largest floor area and usually comes with an attached bathroom as well. There tends to be more storage area in this room so more belongings both small and bulky like furniture often get stored in here.

Unknown said...

I love how the colours are so candy-popping out! It's a nice change from the neutral tones you always see!