Where We Dine in House #6

Our Pink Flamingo Dining room.

Our dining room gets used quite a bit. Our whole family lives close by and occasionally we let them eat w us!

 The dining room and living room are open to each other. It's great if you want to watch Bubble Guppies while you eat!

I had to plop Jesse in front of the tv so I could snap a few pics. Good moms use the tv as a babysitter. I don't care what the "experts" say! 

My fake cake disappoints a lot of people that think I made it for their visit. 

I have Katie Belle's art work hung on a shutter by the door. 

My walls are actually striped. Both stripes are pink flamingo, but one is gloss and one is satin. 

My kids stand in the window waiting for people to come over. Tonight Marcus was mowing so Jesse kept knocking on the window. "Daddy! Daddy!"

This is how I originally painted the dining room. I loved it, but my eyeballs needed more color! 

Thanks for coming over! 
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the undomesticated wife said...

Such a fun room!

Hey, I love the shelf in the foyer. I bet your husband made it, didn't he? :) It's good to have a husband that's handy like a pocket on a shirt. :)

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE, LOVE your style. And what a great mix of colours you have going on. Wish I were more bold because it certainly looks great!

Dina said...

Actually that was our old mantle!! It fit perfectly there. My husband is handy though!

Dina said...

Thanks Elizabeth!

Our Life at 31-derful! said...

I want to go to a tea party at your house (but with a real cake :)). I read a LOT of blogs--this is one of the most unique and well-done rooms I have seen in a long time!

Dina said...

Wow, thanks! I will make you a real cake for our tea party!

Julie said...

I've loved all of your houses(the ones since you started blogging)! I'm not brave enough for all the color but it looks amazing!! I wish you lived in Virginia, I would hire you to come decorate for me. ;)

Twinkle Terrior said...

i love the flamingo dining room! have a great weekend :)

angie said...

So fun! Love the plate wall, I have the green bird plates too!!

Staci said...

So glad I'm getting to see the new digs! I've been looking forward to it!

Unknown said...

There's definitely a lot more colour in the dining room now! Those chairs especially! I almost didn't notice that they were rainbows!