Our Kitchen in House # 6

The kitchen!

It's still a work in progress, but it's where all the chocolate lives, so I like it.  
This is the kitchen table I grew up with. I've painted it and recovered the chairs a time or 3.

I sat in one of those chairs for hours refusing to eat my shepherds pie, or meat loaf, or gross vegetable. Some might call it stubborn, but I call it perseverance! 

We bought this little dresser at a garage sale for $15 when we were first married. It's really a changing table. And it was used for that in Katie Belle's room for awhile. It's also been painted more than a few times! 

My sister and I when we were skinner, but thought we were fat! Ugh! 

And my Mary Engelbreit "Chair of Bowlies" cookie jar.

 We got our sink from Ikea. 
It's big enough to fit a 2 year old!

The donut stool is perfect for my little hand washers to reach the faucet. It's from Home Goods. 

My "Oh Snap" towel might be my favorite thing ever! 

My talented Aunt Carol painted the cherry picture.

Our backsplash is made of old fence from our backyard. We got new counters, floor, sink, hardware, paint and a light fixture in here, so that made our backsplash budget $0. 

Marcus just cut them 8 inches long, nailed them in with a nail gun, and I painted them. Easy peasy and free! 

We really want to put shiplap or wood planks on all the walls, so this is just temporary. 

Our counters are quartz and we've really been happy with them. I got that cute radio from my parents and I love it. It's nice to have music playing in the mornings. Especially before school. It's just happier! 

You can see more kitchens here at Kelly's Korner. 

Thanks for coming over! 


Kimberley said...

I want the phone, mailbox, radio and step stool. Thanks! :)

Bec74 said...

Your house pictures always makes me so happy!!!

Elenie Counts said...

How fun! :) Love all the color.

vsm330 said...

HI Dina, love your blog. Can you direct me to the page where the pink turtle sandbox you redid is? I looked and looked, but its hidden! Thanks and also, tell me, how did you get your husband to let you use so much PINK? Lucky dog!

Debbie said...

Very pretty! I love the green cabinets.

Dina said...

The turtle might be around July 2014? Thankfully Marcus doesn't mind the pink at all. I'm not sure he even really notices?!! He grew up with a mom that always decorated and rearranged the house. It was good preparation for being married to me!

Dina said...
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Unknown said...

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dana said...

I miss your blog posts. Your happy home always makes me smile and I love your Christmas style!
Praying all is well.

Twinkle Terrior said...

I was thinking of you too !! We are also a fireman (well.. more than 1) family. The schedules are hectic plus we have a big family, so just figured you were busy. Hope and pray everything is ok. Sending love your way oxox

Unknown said...

Hey Dina,
LOVE the green - what paint did you use in your kitchen for the bottom cabinets? Thank you!