A Llama Party!

Katie Belle turned 8 on July 14th!
She loves llamas. I'm sure next year llama party supplies will be overflowing off the shelves in stores. But this year I had to do some hunting. 

Hobby lobby had some cute llama pictures on their sale aisles. They purge some cute things to get ready for Christmas! So these pictures were just $4! 

 My niece, Melissa, made the cutest and best tasting llama cake ever! 
We are so lucky to have our own cake maker in the family.

And my sister, Kelly, made Katie's shirt!

My parents:

Marcus's parents:

cousin Jeddy:

 My sister's family:

Marcus's sister's family:

Marucs's brother's family minus Jeddy who is above:

Earlier in the day I surprised Katie with her cousins, Morgan and Ryan. They took her to the water park! They are both on the swim team and Ryan is a life guard! And Ryan rides all the scary stuff Katie likes. I am so grateful for them. 

KB couldn't believe no grownups were going!  

In the morning we had birthday donuts and presents!

 One of her gifts was The Greatest Showman record! 

Jesse totally enjoyed that gift too! 

We sure love our girl!
(This is how Marcus still pictures her. )
8 is going to be so fun! 


Miss G said...

I really so love that you're blogging again! 8 is so fun! I love that she got a record!! Kelly

Dina said...

Thanks Kelly! She got a record player for Christmas and it's been so much fun!

Cheryl said...

So glad you are blogging again!!! I can’t believe how big your kiddos are...of course, I guess that happens!!! Time just doesn’t stop. Good to see your niece has stayed with the cake decorating....I’ve always thought she was so talented!!!

Twinkle Terrior said...

Hi Dina, Well...i'm a little late but happy 8th birthday KB! love seeing smiling little faces at birthday parties. Llama party was so cute. Yall do the best and cutest parties. Enjoy the rest of summer time ox.