PreK and 3rd Grade!

Katie Belle started school last week! 

She made her own sign!
You learn to do those sorts of things when you have an unorganized mom! 

We went swimming after school, because it's still 100 degrees in Texas!

2nd day and no tears!

Tuesday was Jesses' first day of PreK! 
He just goes 2 days a week. Next year I will have 2 kids in school all day long...FOR FREE! 

I am so thankful for their sweet teachers!
It's going to be a good year! 


Beach Trip!

Right before school started we went to the beach with my family. 
The fun started at Bucees on the way there!
(for non Texas people, it's the most amazing gas station ever!)

Icees for breakfast! Yes, sir! 

Last time we went to the beach, Jesse was 1 and HATED the sand with a fiery passion!

This time he LOVED it. He dug up that sand all day long like it was his job!

 My mom and the grand kids. She planned this trip last summer when she was recovering from breast cancer. So glad that is behind her! 

On this day, Jesse was with the men watching the Blue Angels. 
My dad served in the Navy during Vietnam. 
Glenn Bryant and Jesse Bryant. 

I think he had a great time! 

Cousin Crew:

My nephew, Ryan, made breakfast one morning. Waffles with ice cream, chocolate and whipped cream!

It was the best way to end the summer!